WTR Ultrafiltration – Active Carbon 12



WTR Ultrafiltration – Active Carbon 12

Specific filtration unit for drinking water. Made of high performance activated carbon of coconut shell in block. With a nominal filtration of 5 microns and an IODINE index of 1500, gives you the best performance and the highest filtration capacity giving to the water a pleasant and pure taste. This set is ideal for the elimination of tastes and odors and it is very suitable for water dispensers and any application of the Horeca channel.

WTR Ultrafiltration – Active Carbon 12

Work Conditions Filtration capacity: 35.000 liters Max. Flow rate: 6.5 LPM Pressure: 1 – 8 bar Temperature: 4C – 38C Warnings Do not use this cartridge with water microbiologically unsafe or unknown quality without prior disinfection of the water. This cartridge eliminates more than 90% of chlorine*, as well as tastes,odors and particles from 5 microns. *According to the quality of the incoming water and the operating conditions.


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